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Remix 3rd Annual Meeting - EMBO/FEBS Advanced Course “Mitochondria in Life, Death and Disease”

During the 2nd Annual Meeting in Gothenburg the Remix consortium decided to organize the 3rd Annual Meeting in Montenegro – 22 - 23 September 2019 preceding the EMBO/FEBS Advanced Course “Mitochondria in Life, Death and Disease” that will be organized by the Remix coordinator (Aleksandra Trifunovic) and beneficiary no. 5 (Massimo Zeviani), 24 - 28 September 2019.

The EMBO/FEBS advanced lecture course will focus on five sessions that have a great impact on the understanding of mitochondrial biology in general:


1. Mitochondrial protein import and biogenesis

2. Organelle signaling and control of metabolism

3. Mitochondrial DNA maintenance and gene expression

4. Mitochondrial diseases and development of treatments

5. Mitochondrial dynamics and quality control


REMIX ESRs will have many opportunities to meet and discuss with established PIs in an informal context, during ‘meet the PI’ sessions, informal round table discussions and poster presentations. Furthermore, in this setting, ESRs will have opportunities to interact with their peers and expand their networking with the scientific community.