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ESR 5 employed at Stockholm University

ESR 5, Vivek Singh, has been employed by Alexey Amunts at Stockholm University, Sweden.

ESR 10 employed at Cambridge, UK

ESR 10, Petra Palenikova, has been employed by Michal Minczuk at the MRC Mitochondrial Biology Unit in Cambridge, UK

ESR 1 employed at CECAD

ESR 1, Dieu Hien Ho, has been employed by Aleksandra Trifunovic at the CECAD Research Center in Cologne, Germany

ESR 3 employed at CECAD

ESR 3, Pirzada Mujeeb ur Rehman, has been employed by Elena Rugarli at the CECAD Research Center in Cologne, Germany

ESR 10 Job Vacancy

Open position: ESR Project 10 at MRC Cambridge for Michal Minczuk's programme

ESR 15 employed at Khondrion

ESR 15, Xin Li, has been employed by Jan Smeitink at Khondrion

Save the Date: 1st Annual Meeting of REMIX and Training Course for REMIX Fellows

13-16 November 2017 in Nijmegen, The Netherlands

ESR 6 employed at MPI for Biology of Ageing

ESR 6, Pamella Marie Sendon, has been employed by James Stewart at MPI Age, Cologne

ESR 12 employed at RCMM Nijmegen

ESR 12, Alisa Potter, has been employed by Hans Spelbrink at the Radboud Center for Mitochondrial Medicine in Nijmegen,...

ESR 9 employed at MRC Cambridge

ESR 9, Pedro Pinheiro has been employed by Massimo Zeviani at MRC Cambridge